About us

We’re a local cleaning agency providing domestic and commercial cleaning services in east London and surrounding areas

Since being established in 2011 we have swiftly built up a wealth of cleaning knowledge and experience whilst meeting the cleaning needs of our varied clients.
Our aim is to deliver a high calibre cleaning service to all our clients at a competitive price, and to achieve this we focus on two areas:

Our people

We recognise our operatives are essential to the success of our service delivery so we’re focussed on empowering them to ensure they take personal ownership for each of their respective assignments.  Whilst operatives are experienced, we promote continuous development and deliver training on a rolling programme to all, and this includes updates on the latest and best cleaning practices.  Our management team are also qualified in BICS Cleaning Practices and have first-hand experience of delivering cleaning services in a range of commercial and domestic environments.  Collectively, with our knowledge and experiences combined, we offer superior cleans for the lowest prices!

Our clients

At TCC we aim to fully meet the bespoke cleaning needs of each of our clients.  To achieve this we concentrate on gaining understanding of our domestic clients’ personal requirements and our commercial clients’ core business and operational requirements.  This enables us to adapt our service so we can fully meet the requirements of each and every client, regardless of whether they’re large or small.

We also recognise our clients’ need for trust and security when using a cleaner.  As your cleaning provider, we ensure our cleaners are fully briefed on, and adhere to your security policies.  We only use competent and trusted operatives that have undergone background checks and are fully vetted, and, we’re fully insured for any incident that may occur whilst we’re cleaning your property.

What we offer

To ensure we continually deliver a high quality cleaning service the following is incorporated into the service provided to you

  • BICS qualified cleaners who are experienced, vetted and insured
  • 1-2-1 management service from our Cleaning Account Managers
  • Regular inspections/checks to maintain high standards – this includes audits measured against KPI’s
  • Eco-friendly products and high quality equipment
  • Information pack issued to all new Domestic Clients
  • Contract Book issued to all new Commercial and Office Clients
  • No long contract – 30 day cancellation period (terms apply)

 Our Services

Regular Domestic Cleaning
Contract and Office Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Ironing Service
Housekeeping and Maid Service
Ad Hoc Services

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